O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote,
O damned vacillating state!

OKAY HI, I can't believe I'm confessing to watching this... but "Lost Tomb of Christ." COME ON NOW PEOPLE. There is a scene in this "documentary" where - NO JOKE - they are BREAKING INTO some RANDOM ANCIENT TOMB. No permission! They're just sticking a big old camera on a hose down all these convenient little holes they're making in the ground. They think they're breaking into "Jesus' tomb," discovered in 1980 and later covered over... but no! They end up filming some RANDOM HEBREW TOMB instead! And then they're not even like, "Oops, sorry dead Hebrews! Wrong tomb!" The filmmaker actually goes so far as to say, "Well, this is the wrong tomb... but I bet this is a second tomb! Where all of Jesus' followers are buried!" Seriously. SERIOUSLY. They are eventually disrupted because - oh guess what? - they didn't have permission to dig.

I suppose it's no surprise that James Cameron, legendary despoiler of the Titanic wreck, is behind all these shenanigans. Even so. RANDOM HEBREW TOMB. Think about it.

All I "discovered" on the Discovery Channel tonight was that the Discovery Channel needs to get off their butts and produce something that isn't craptacular. Heck, even "Secrets of Revelation!!" and "600 Pound Tumor!!!" were better than this.

ETA: LOLLLLL they are interviewing Oded Golan, in all seriousness.
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