O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote,
O damned vacillating state!

Can I tell you all how dear David is? He is up at Bowdoin this weekend, and we've been talking about what we want for Valentine's Day. Before he went up, we decided we were going to adopt a manatee together when he gets here (SIX DAYS!). But apparently, we both had other surreptitious plans. Tonight, I told him about a disastrous attempt to make him a hat for Valentine's Day - I thought I'd gotten blue yarn, but it turns out it's rather violet. Violently violet, even. When I confessed my hat failure, he was still touched, and wanted to know if he could get me flowers or something, but I demurred, thinking of our poor future adopted manatee. After I hung up, though, I thought you know what would be lovely? So I called him back, and asked him if he wouldn't go say hello to Chesley and Becca for me, while he was there, because I miss them so much. Dave is now a little disappointed, because THIS WAS GOING TO BE MY SURPRISE PRESENT! So next week, when he tells me he went to visit them, let's be surprised.
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