O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote,
O damned vacillating state!

I am going through my checking account records to see how I am spending my money, something I do every now and then (look at my records - though I do spend money now and then too!) As you might expect, several entries record yarn purchases. Take note, however, at my yarn-purchasing pattern:

11/21 - Red yarn (for Chris' AIDS scarves)
11/22 - Orange yarn (for NYC neckwarmer)
12/02 - Yellow yarn (NYC mittens)
12/05 - Green yarn (Chris' Christmas hat)

What to do next, gentle readers? The truth is, I was thinking about buying some blue yarn today, for David's hat. And then next week, maybe some purple yarn, for my own hat, or possibly legwarmers. WHOLLY UNCONSCIOUSLY. I think in rainbows.

ETA: Before you say it, yes, maybe I have a yarn-buying problem. But the grand total of all these purchases was around thirty dollars, and half of it was for charity scarves... and really, that's not so bad. That's like... ten Starbucks coffees.

Way to justify.
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