O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote,
O damned vacillating state!

My doctor wrote me a little note this week to say that my cholesterol is very high, and that she wants me to take "cholesterol classes" with the medical clinic. I already knew my cholesterol was a bit high - I gave blood in December, and they sent me a little card saying "check with your doctor! borderline high cholesterol!" It was the day after Christmas when I gave blood - not the best day for a cholesterol check, from what I understand - so I eventually made my appointment with my doctor for a general physical. Between December and my physical this month, I lost seven to ten pounds, so I figured my cholesterol couldn't be too high. I mean, what do I eat? Vegetables. Fruit. Low-fat yogurt. Some chicken at dinner. About two eggs (mostly the whites) and three slices of cheese a week. Not much butter. No cakes or chocolates or chips or fries. I am a LOW-CHOLESTEROL DREAM, yes?

No, apparently. My cholesterol is currently a whopping 272, with an LDL level of 187. The advised levels are 200, with LDL of below 130. Ironically, my HDL is about where it should be. The LDL is the BAD stuff! The stuff you get from eating hamburgers and Brie and pig fat. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM??

So now I have to go to cholesterol school. I imagine it will be something like traffic school. They'll tell me how to respect the rules of the nutritional road - how to change from the LDL lane to the HDL lane, how to use my blinker before consuming a carrot stick, how to avoid animal fats when you're already practically vegan... oh wait, maybe they won't teach me that lesson. Though I think I could use it, because honestly, I pretty much eat only leaves these days.
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