O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote,
O damned vacillating state!

Oh hello blog. I remember you.

I'm halfway through my first week at Facebook. I'm resetting a lot of passwords, confirming a lot of accounts, and watching funny videos of Mark Zuckerberg. If you do not have Facebook, I strongly encourage you to get an account. In a few months, I might be saying this because I work there. But right now, I am fresh and green-pithed, and just want to tell you how many AWESOME FEATURES WE HAVE AND ARE GOING TO HAVE, SERIOUSLY. It's a BLAST! Plus, if you ever forget your password, you can always talk to me. A recommendation, though: don't make your password "password." Seriously.

Part of the Facebook love is that they long-term loan you a MacBook, which is what I am writing this entry from. Godot, as some of you may know, breathed(?) his last a few weeks ago. He is still under warranty, and he never signed a Do Not Resuscitate, I will probably call Dell about him when I have a moment (i.e. a geological era) to talk to customer service. I am a little ambivalent about the MacBook for several reasons. The first being, of course, that it is a MacBook. My father insists that it's the best laptop available on the market today, which is probably true... but it's also impossible to find any programs on it, and there's only one freaking button on the touchpad. What's the point of Firefox if you can't right click? Argh, and there's that bottom toolbar where everything bounces. I just accidentally clicked on the Word icon down there, and now it keeps bouncing bouncing bouncing to let me know HEY WORD HAS LOADED! The accidental clicking is something I'll need to get used to, too. On a PC, you have to double-click to make sure the computer knows you are serious about opening a program. I like that system. Macs are far too trusting of my intentions.

On the positive side, it does spellcheck automatically. You can thank my MacBook for my correct spelling of "resuscitate" up there.

It is strange, suddenly being a Mac "owner." I am out in public with it for the first time this evening at a lovely local cafe that has free Wifi, and all these other Mac owners keep looking over at me and my machine, as if to say, "Hey, Mac user, you are one of us!" I drive a VW New Beetle, which is much the same way. You'll see people on the road in your color and model, and they'll spontaneously wave to you, like we're all in one big VW New Beetle fraternal society. "Hey, you hate those giant blind spots but can't deny the cuteness of the bud vase? ME TOO!!" I started to get worried that one of my Mac brethren would come over and try to engage me in conversation. What would I even say to them? "Yeah... so you like those bouncing icons, too?" "Yeah, my favorite part is how the Apple logo glows on the cover when you open the lid?" Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about what I would say for very long, because a member of the Brethren came over to talk to me about Macs straightaway. The conversation went something like this:

Mac Lover: So that's the new MacBook, huh?
Me: Um. I think so?
Mac Lover: So how's it different?
Me: Um. I'm not sure?
Mac Lover: Dj'you get it through work?
Me: Yeah.
Mac Lover: (long pause)
Mac Lover: It's great they got you the new MacBook.
Me: Yeah. It sure is.
Mac Lover: (long pause)
Mac Lover: Well, see you later.

I don't know if he meant later, when we're both back at the cafe... or like later, when he follows me home to keep asking me questions about my apparently new MacBook. Maybe he will at least teach me the secret Brethren handshake.
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