O damned vacillating state! (turabiannights) wrote,
O damned vacillating state!

I LOVE GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS because Mom just asks, "Make me a list of those knitting books you want," and I say, "Okay!", and I know I'm going to get one of four AWESOME AND EXCITING AND SUPER-SWEET BOOKS for Christmas. I think four. I might have put five on there. So I could get two of them, because two were Stitchionary, and it would be just like Mom to get me the set. (Okay, technically, there are three Stitchionaries, but the third one is colorwork, which is nasty). Heck, I COULD GET FIVE OF THEM and die of happiness. Knitting books and I have an odd relationship. The first one I ever bought was Stitch-n-Bitch - yes, I'm one of those knitters - and that was the only one I had for a long time. I remember leaving it at home my junior year, and having my dad call and ask, "Um, do you want your... Stitch and... Bitch?" (The answer: BITCH, PLEASE!) Then Chesley's shop moved in across the street, and I got inspired and bought "Wrap Style," which I have yet to make anything from, but when I do, it's going to be delicious. I am a stingy knitting-book buyer, is what it comes down to. I feel guilty about it, in some ways, because I live in an age of free internet patterns. I can't really justify spending so much on many books that don't give you much. I'm the same way with most loose patterns, too. I've had my eye on this one in the shop for awhile:

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But at $7.00 for the piece of paper, I can hardly justify that. Plus, fingering-weight yarn. Eek. (Does "fingering-weight" sound dirty to you, too?) Anyway, the point of this knit-rant is that I am not a big book buyer. It takes me literally months to decide whether I want a book or not. The Stitchionaries will be valuable forever and ever, so those were pretty much a given. Weekend Knitting has a lot of general simple patterns in it, and seems reasonable for the price. Knit 2 Together is the only knitting book I have ever fallen in love with so wholly and completely for a single pattern:

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Baby cape. Are any of you pregnant? Seriously? Because I need to make a baby cape, pronto.

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This sweater is pretty and lovely, too. Though I would look like an angry tank in it.

I left two magnificent books off my list for Mom because I am still, after six or eight months, not quite decided. Handknit Holidays and Mason-Dixon Knitting. I am totally in love with them, but am just not convinced I want to spend... $9.55 and $17.00 used, respectively. I am a knitting cheapskate. Gotta save that for yarn.
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