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More on Komondors:

The American Kennel Club says:

Not recommended for children. Very wary of strangers; highly protective. Somewhat difficult to train. Good with other pets if raised with them from puppyhood. Tends to be fairly dog-aggressive. A little grooming needed. Long coat. Very light shedding. A good jogging companion. Good for apartment living. Not recommended for novice owners.

watchdog, guarding, and police work.

POLICE WORK! Can you imagine? Rin Tin Tin, KOMONDOR COP! He's a mop-dog, cleaning up the streets.

If I have done my research correctly, the Komondor in my last entry is named CH Gillian's Quintessential Quincy. I do hope he is called Quincy. One day, when I am not a "novice owner," I want a Komondor named Quincy.

I wonder, do you really keep capitalizing Komondor? Or is it komondor, like wire-haired fox terriers and golden retrievers are?

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Shall we dance??
I love how the little girl in the crowd is so into it, and the lady in the coral-colored shirt is like, "Um..."
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